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Who are your customers? What's the sales process? How long do they stay your customers? What products are available? What are the price points?
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The most important one is growing your revenue of course, but you can have more goals you work towards: quantitative (revenue, conversion rate, average order value, email list size, etc.) or qualitative (customer satisfaction, improved user experience, cleaner and simpler design, etc.)
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This is what we want to solve the most, so the more details you give, the better.
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Nextommerce Partnership is a major and long-term engagement. We will be doing a deep analysis of your business and customers, conducting extensive research, and working towards your long-term success. This takes both time and money.

We always do our best to provide as much value for your investment as possible.

Taking this into account, are you prepared for a minimum three-month engagement with an upfront payment for of $15,000 or more for the 3-month period, based on the value we'll be able to provide?

If you don't, please check Nextommerce Roadmap or Nextommerce Fast-Track for less involved services.

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